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Apr 30, 2013 12:35am PDT
-it-yourself tips? that's allstate home insurance. great protection plus helpful advice to make life better. talk to an allstate agent... [ doorbell rings ] and let the good life in. >>> more than 100 people have died trying to climb mount everett many from lack of oxygen and extreme cold. now a new threat has begun to present itself. a possible threat with a human face. >> reporter: up until this weekend it had been a spectacular assent. the italian and swiss climber and behind the camera, jonathan griffith getting up past 8,000 feet and loving it all the way. and then they were attacked, they say, attacked right there on the mountain in the recorded words -- >> i was a in the tent and he just tried to kill us. >> reporter: who was they? a group of sherpas who make a living bringing climbers up and back down from everest's peak. the incident happened on saturday 25,000 feet up in camp 2. where sherpas were laying ropes for the next stage and they were instructed to keep a distance while that was happening. the trio apparently decided to keep sliming but off to one side. >> we climbed maybe 50 me
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1